Summer 2021: Online Appointments Only

Mon-Wed 9am-2pm | Thurs 12pm-5pm


NOTE: There will be NO in-person appointments for Summer 2021.  We will begin offering face-to-face appointments in Fall 2021! 

To schedule a video conference, select 'Summer 2021 - ONLINE ONLY'.  Click on an available appointment time (white space) and select “Yes. Schedule Video Conferencing Appointment." At the time of your appointment, click on your appointment and select "Start or Join Online Consultation." This will load the video platform.

To submit a paper for review, select 'Summer 2021 - ONLINE ONLY'. Click on an available appointment time (white space) and select “Yes. Submit a Paper for Review." Be sure to attach your assignment sheet in addition to your draft, which we will review and send back to you.  This is a good option if you do not want to meet with a consultant in real time. 

Missed appointments: Please cancel your appointment by selecting your existing appointment, then selecting "Cancel Appointment." You can also email your consultant to cancel. Missing more than three appointments without cancellation will revoke your ability to schedule appointments for the remainder of the semester.

 To schedule an appointment, log in to your WCOnline account.

 If you're new to the UW Writing Center, first register for an account. 

 Note that this login is different from your UW login.

 Email (Writing Center Director) with any questions. 


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